Supplement Update

In preparing to discuss supplements, I scrolled back through the blogs I have written previously to make sure I don't repeat myself. I already posted (back in 2012) two blogs specifically focused on the supplements I take. However, neither of those was exhaustive, meaning I didn't actually list every single pill that I pop.

And I believe people like popping pills.

I'll be the first to admit, I enjoy pill-popping.

Not the physical act of swallowing a pill; I actually have to force myself to do that part. I mean, I like the IDEA of downing a capsule to create (seemingly by magic) a desired effect. Every time I hear about a new supplement that does something extraordinary for the body, mind, or soul, my ears perk right up. I've tried PLENTY of those "weight loss" supplements, like green coffee bean (did nothing as far as I could see) and green tea extract (no noticeable benefits). Based on my research and personal experience, I do NOT recommend any type of pill or product designed to promote weight loss. I believe the dangers associated with many of these products FAR outweigh any possible benefit.

My husband is like my dealer when it comes to supplements. He is often the one who first reads about a new vitamin, mineral, or compound that seems to be exhibiting miraculous results and then goes about finding and trying the newest pills or powders. I take some of what he brings home, but not everything.

Here's a list of my current supplements:

Vitamin D (most of us are deficient and it is very unlikely you're getting enough from food/sun)
Vitamin E (make sure yours is NATURAL as studies show this helps prevent breast cancer)
Vitamin B complex (Important for nerve health. Take it if you are stressed out or have PMS.)
Qunol (for heart health and also for the gums)
Blue Ice Fermented cod liver oil (Natural source of Vitamin A and D, plus Omega 3's)
Move Free (made by Schiff for joint health)
Magnesium Citrate (for muscles and better sleep; helps with relaxation!)
Turmeric (a powerful antioxidant proven to prevent cancer)

At various times in my life I've taken additional supplements such as SAM-E (for joint health and mood) as well as a women's multivitamin.

I cannot guarantee that any of these supplements are doing what they purport, with the exception of the magnesium citrate which has a definite effect on my muscles. I am experiencing MUCH less cramping now that I'm using the correct form of magnesium. As for the rest of the bunch, I can only hope that I'm preventing various forms of cancer and receiving all the nutrients my body desperately needs. Overall, I'd say that my moods are fairly stable these days, but that is probably due more to my diet (no sugar!) than my supplements.

And my joints seems to be holding up under a heavy load of dance-based aerobics. Can I say for sure this is because I take Move Free? Or does my diet play a bigger role? Or is it mostly genetic? Who really knows? I plan to continue supplementing as I don't think any of my pills are harmful and it's quite possible they're helpful.

If you're considering adding any supplements to your daily regimen, I recommend you consult your doctor first. You can get tested to see whether or not you're deficient before you begin. It's possible your doctor will recommend something specific for your particular situation. My GYN recommended Vitamin D, as I'm sure she does for all her patients. It is generally considered beneficial for everyone these days.

If you've discovered a supplement that has made a difference to your own health, please share your findings with us!