Picking Apples for Howard County Food Bank

My friend Patti had the brilliant idea that we should ask Lynn Moore, the proprietor of Larriland Farms, if we could come to the farm after the last day of operations and pick fruit or veggies for those in need. Patti figured this was a win-win-win (and possibly even more wins than that!) for everyone involved.

First win: we got an extra day to spend on this beautiful piece of land. An enormous treat in and of itself. We had the entire farm practically to ourselves! And when we chose the day, we didn't know it was going to be a day in the mid-60's, sunny, and perfect. Another gift.

Second win: Larriland gets rid of a very small portion of the extra produce left over at the end of very abundant season. The trees we picked from were still heavily laden with fruit. At least a portion of this fruit will not go to waste now.

Third win: low income residents of Howard County receive freshly picked, delicious, local apples!
Patti, Alice, Sophie, and I would like to thank Larriland and Lynn Moore for allowing us to pick apples for the food bank. I like to imagine the happy faces of all the children who will be crunching into fresh, juicy apples this week!

And thanks to my daughter Sophie for the photography!



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