One Week Left

One more week of 2014. One week until the Whole 30 begins. One more week of wine and white sugar. One more week of bloat.

Yup, the holidays are still here. They've been hanging around since Thanksgiving, in the form of leftover baked goods, bottles of alcohol, parties, gifts, and traditions. I must have eaten most of the two pies I made for Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah arrived with its eight days of candles and celebrating so I baked a cake, then it was Christmas Eve so we made cookies. I spent most of Christmas day cooking. Now our fridge is full of leftovers again. At least there's no more pie.

The devil (white sugar) has been sneaking into our home through every crack and crevice. There was sugar in our stockings and sugar under the tree. Even when we are trying (albeit halfheartedly) to eat healthy food, the devil is tiptoeing in the door. Have you ever heard of a celebration without sugar? I don't think such a thing exists.

If you're a kid, you need candy to celebrate. If you're an adult, you have to drink alcohol to celebrate. If you're an immature adult, you need to drink while eating candy. You see my problem, right?

For now, I continue to wallow. For one more week, I will enjoy my Christmas cookies. (I received the most delicious assortment! Thanks, Patti!) The wine store is now sold out of my new favorite wine, but luckily I have a few bottles left. I will continue to imbibe while watching Season One of Orange is the New Black. Unfortunately, I will continue to puff up like a poisonous puffer fish. Watch out, pants.

Only one more week.

Then, starting on January 1st, 2015, I will drop the junk like a hot potato chip. (See what I did there?) For 30 days, I will eat only whole foods. No sweetener of any kind. No flour of any kind. No processed junk food. No alcohol. Mainly meats and veggies. A little fruit. A few nuts and seeds. Heavy on the veggies. And it won't take more than a couple of days before the bloat starts to disappear.

Whew. That will be a big relief.

And after 30 days of zero sugar, zero sweeteners, I will be free. No more cravings. No more addiction. Can you do it, too? Sure! Join me!