Paleo Vs. Whole 30

If you are new to the whole concept of Whole 30, you may be wondering how this program is different from simply following a Paleo diet. Here's the difference: Whole 30 is Paleo to the max. Paleo on steroids. Paleo squared. See examples below.

Normally a Paleo diet will not include grains. However, some Paleo folks will allow white rice or sprouted grains to be included, as long as there are no ill effects. White rice is apparently the least likely of all the grains to cause allergic reactions. Although I attempt to follow a Paleo diet most of the time, I do eat white rice on occasion (once or twice a week, maybe) as well as sprouted wheat bread which is made with no flour, just organic sprouted wheat berries. For the duration of the Whole 30 (just 30 days, remember!) I'll be eating zero grains.

In terms of sweeteners, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, and stevia are all considered fine in small amounts on a Paleo diet. However, the Whole 30 program bans all sweeteners, whether they be refined white sugar, all natural, or artificial. This is very important. Allowing even small amounts of sweeteners into your diet will keep your sweet tooth (and your addiciton!) alive and kicking. Remember that sugar (in all forms!) has been shown to be just as addictive as heroine and cocaine. You may experience withdrawal symptoms during the first few days on Whole 30. But by the end of the month, you will have conquered your addiction and will no longer be a slave to the white death.

If you are a Paleo treat lover, a fan of baked goods containing almond or coconut flour instead of wheat flour, Whole 30 will give you the opportunity to kick this habit as well. Because Whole 30 bans all "treats" of every kind. Paleo treats are considered SWYPO (sex with your pants on) and therefore completely wrong. The goal is replace all those calories with REAL FOOD.

Is the main goal of Whole 30 to help people lose weight? No. Losing weight is often a side effect of this program. If you usually eat a lot of junk foods (chips, fries, snack cakes, cookies, ice cream, pizza, waffles, tater tots, pies, beer, and such) you might lose a significant amount of excess weight. I lost a few pounds the last time I did the program, but nothing earth-shattering.

The goal is to reset your body, your mind, your whole attitude and relationship with food. Whole 30 is similar in this way to a "cleansing" or a "juice fast." However, there is no need to worry about the safety of the program. When you eat whole foods such as vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, fruit, nuts and seeds, your body will receive all the proper nutrition it needs, just without the added crap.

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