Trader Joe's for the Holidays

Looking for a place to purchase delicious, interesting, unusual, and fairly-priced gifts? I've got you covered. Look no further than your local Trader Joe's.

Okay, maybe it's just me, but who doesn't love some tasty treats for a gift? Trader Joe's always carries some extra special offerings around the holidays. If you weren't aware, just read on!

1) Triple Ginger Brew. Do you love ginger? Not wimpy ginger, like regular American ginger ale, but ginger with a punch? If so, you MUST sample Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Brew. Everything about this brew is awesome, from its strong ginger flavor to its thick green glass bottle with swing-top, reclosable lid. Give this to your British friends. Or me. Price: $2.99.

2) Candy Cane Joe-Joes. If you're not familiar with Joe-Joes, these are a version of Oreo cookies. The candy cane kind has cruched candy canes sprinkled throughout the filling. Yes. It's true. If you are a chocolate sandwich cookie freak, these will really make you flip. Price: $2.99.

2.5) The Astounding Multi-flavor Joe-Joes. These are Joe-Joes on steroids. Covered in chocolate and sprinkles. If you are looking to impress an Oreo cookie lover with something extra special and out-of-the-ordinary, try one of these boxes which contain four different flavored cookies (peanut-butter enrobed in milk chocolate, ginger enrobed in white chocolate, double chocolate wrapped in dark chocolate, and candy cane wrapped in dark chocolate) and your loved one will soon be swooning. Price: $6.99.

3) A Rated Coffee Selection. This is a gift box of three single origin, estate grown coffees from around the world. A light roast from Peru with vanilla nut notes,  a medium roast from Uganda with fruity notes, and a dark roast from Papua New Guinea. I can attest, as a coffee fanatic, your special someone will go bonkers for this package. Price: $9.99.
(Please note photograph is not the coffee collection mentioned above!)

4) A Collection of Honey. Not your run-of-the-mill honey, these are pure honeys gently harvested from specific locales to preserve the unique flavors of the region. Tupelo honey from Georgia and Florida; Acacia honey from Italian Black Locust trees; and Orange Blossom honey from Mexican orange groves. Great for insect lovers. Price: $8.99.

5) Chocolate passport. I can tell you, Trader Joe's carries some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted. In this 12.8 ounce box, you can offer your loved one eight individually wrapped bars of the finest chocolate from around the world, including Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and many other exotic places, with cacao content ranging from 60% to 73%. What's not to love? Price: $9.99.

There you have it. My recommendations for delicious, unique, and low cost gifts that will bring a smile to every recipient's face.