Dr. Oz and Touched by an Angel

Today, Wednesday January 28, the Chicken Soup for the Soul volume titled Touched by an Angel will be featured on the Dr. Oz Show. "My Grandfather's Gift" is the name of the story I have in this book. Dr. Oz will be talking about the power of angels to assist in healing.

If you had asked me a week ago, I probably would have told you this sounded pretty far-fetched. But in the past week, I have witnessed firsthand the power of prayer to help heal my sweet akita. A week ago, she bloated suddenly and had to have immediate surgery. The following 48 hours were truly touch and go, with her heart doing funky things and the doctors pumping her full of every medication known to mankind. When she finally came home, she was refusing to drink water, turning her head away from all food, and walking around in a daze. When she managed to get up.

We nursed her round the clock, forcing the food into her mouth as we were warned she would not survive without it. Soon she began drinking on her own. And then licking the spoon when I fed her. And then searching out her food bowl. Every day, the dog I know and love returns to me a little more. Thanks to her own innate strength. But also thanks, I believe, to the power of prayer.

I am so grateful God doesn't hold a grudge. Because I am truly a foul weather friend. When things are going swimmingly in my life, I rarely spend a moment talking to God. But as soon as that crisis hits, boy am I a big believer! Fervent, you might even say.

So thank you to all the friends, and even strangers, who prayed for my sweet baby to heal and recover from her surgery. Thanks to you, she is better and better every day.

And if you get a chance today, check out Dr. Oz!