Fighting Off the Flu

Not sure if it's the flu I'm fighting, or just a cold, or something else. But it figures that as soon as I give up sugar, alcohol, grains, processed foods, and all types of junk, I get sick. Is it soooooo stressful for my body to go with that glass of wine and a cookie??? Really? Shouldn't I be basking in my own healthy glow right about now? Instead, I'm wondering who gave me these germs...

But I'm going to fight this disease with every weapon in my arsenal.

1) Extra rest. Getting some extra sleep is crucial to boosting the immune system. So at the first hint of sickness, take to your bed! You have my permission.

2) Extra fluids. You're probably not drinking enough water even when you're not sick. You know it and I know it. So start downing some more! Hot water might be more palatable during the winter. Add herbal tea, fresh lemon juice, slices of ginger root, even herbs like rosemary. (I'm skipping the honey as I'm sugar-free this month, but you could add a drop if you're not on the Whole 30.)

3) Bone broth. This is the fancy new way of saying "chicken soup" for those of you who are not spending half your day reading Paleo websites. I'm making some in my crockpot as I type this. Just throw a whole chicken in there (or a roasted, picked-over carcass) and let it simmer on LOW for twenty-four hours. Remove the chicken, pick the meat off the bones and reserve, then discard the bones. Now you can season the bone broth and drink it in a mug. Or add veggies and meat to make a soup. I plan to make a Thai Red Curry Soup with chicken, pineapple, curry paste, and green beans.

4) Humidify your space. Hot showers are great for getting some moisture into your sinuses, but you can't (usually) stay in there all day. I use a humidifier in my bedroom to help me breathe at night without drying out completely.

5) Take your vitamins. Vitamin D has been shown to improve immunity, in addition to many other important functions. In fact, some doctors now believe the reason we tend to get sick in the winter may have more to do with our lack of sunshine and Vitamin D than previously thought. Some people swear by extra Vitamin C to prevent or shorten a cold. I believe it can't hurt!

6) Garlic has antibacterial properties. Chop up some fresh garlic and throw it into your hot soup, your fresh salad, or your mug of bone broth.

7) Ditch the sugar! If you're getting sick, eliminate the sugar from your diet, at least for a few days. Choose healthy, fresh, whole foods instead.

Hopefully I'll have this nasty bug under control in the next few days. Stay well!