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In case you are looking for healthy, organic and/or grass fed finds at your local Costco and Trader Joe's, I thought I'd share some examples of foods we regularly buy. If you're on Whole 30, or another Paleo diet, or just trying to eat more healthy stuff, you might want to sample some of these:

1) Grass fed burgers and ground beef from Trader Joe's. These frozen products are very high quality and scrumptious! The prices are lower than I've seen anywhere else. Grass fed meats are better than conventional for many reasons: higher in omega-3 fatty acids AND lower in omega-6's (which cause inflammation in the body) plus cows who eat grass are happier and healthier. Better for you, for the animals, and for the earth. Win-win-win!

2) Grass fed cheddar cheese. You can find this product at Trader Joe's (in smaller packages) and at Costco (Kerrygold Irish cheddar in 3 pound blocks). Milk from grass fed cows is healthier due to more Vitamin K2, which is very difficult to find in a typical American diet.

3) Grass fed butter (Kerrygold) is found at both Trader Joe's and Costco. A beautiful deep golden color tells you this butter has more nutrients than the anemic stuff we find on the grocery shelves. Higher in K2 and omega-3's. If you're on Whole 30, you can make your own ghee by melting the butter in your slow cooker and skimming off the milk solids.

4) Wholly Guacamole. Costco now carries this delicious dip in single serving containers. At first we thought this was a pain, and just meant a lot more packaging. But now I'm sold. The serving size is 2 ounces per container which I find to be the perfect amount for a meal. No more brown guac getting thrown in the compost! I've added guacamole to my daily breakfast. The healthy fats keep me full until lunch. Highly recommended.

5) Diced butternut squash. Both Costco and Trader Joe's carry this extremely convenient product. I don't know about you, but I would never peel and dice a raw squash myself. Too much work. But I'll throw the diced squash into a soup or stew (check out my recipe for Cinnamon Short Ribs as an example!) and voila! Instant healthy meal.

6) Plantain chips. Trader Joe's carries these roasted, not deep fried, healthy chips. Should you eat a bazillion of them daily? Maybe not, but a small handful might tide you over and get you through a persistent french fry or potato chip craving. I like them with a handful of pistachios and a cup of green tea.

7) Kale Chips. Again, Trader Joe's. Not cheap, but completely healthy and junk-free. These chips are coated with carrot powder, cashews, and nutritional yeast, which may not sound quite as delicious as it tastes!

8) Tahini sauce. Also at Trader Joe's. Absolutely yummy and nothing in it that you should avoid. Even on Whole 30!

This list is very far from complete, so please add your own favorites in the comment section. Or if you prefer a different place to shop, tell us why and what they have that keeps bringing you in.


  1. I forgot a few really great items: the bagged, washed salad greens like organic baby spinach and power greens at Trader Joe's. And Costco now carries some baby romaine lettuces which are great, too.


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