Paleo Burger Buns

If you've been following the Whole 30 or another Paleo-based diet plan, then you've given up bread, along with all bakery products, as well as everything made from flour and grains. Sure, you can create a type of Paleo "bread" made from coconut or almond flour, but not if you're on Whole 30. So what's a girl to do when she gets a hankering for a burger? (If you've met me before, you might know that I am a burger FIEND!)

Well, if your name is Paula Deen, you put your burger on a couple of doughnuts. Glazed, I believe.  But I just explained how I'm not eating any bakery products so this is out.

There is always a plain burger with no bun. You can still dress it up with condiments. But you'll have to eat it with a knife and fork. Not out of the question, but not rocking my world, either.

Other options?

Paleo cookbooks have suggested giant portobello mushroom caps. I paid a buttload for a four of them over the summer and used them on the grill with burgers. YUCK. Not good at all. Slimy, bad texture, bad flavor. Just bad.

If you eat white potatoes or even sweet potatoes, I was thinking you could make hash browns or latkes (potato pancakes) to use as bun halves. I haven't tried this out yet, mostly because it is a lot of work and I'm fairly allergic to work. Or how about a baked potato, split in half??? OMG, I think I just had a brain storm right in the middle of my post! (Note to self: try this next.)

But here's what my hubby and I tried today. Baby romaine lettuce heads cut in half! It's like a burger inside a salad, sort of. Upside: delicious, especially with homemade salsa ranch dressing and fried plantains and guacamole on the side. Downsides: messy, slippery, difficult to hold, could be embarrassing to eat in front of company. Of course, the solution could be to eat the burger inside the lettuce with a knife and fork. But my goal is to be able to eat the burger like a burger. I'll keep on trying.

Do you have any fabulous ideas for burger buns that are not bread? If so, please post below in the comment section. Thanks for your assistance!