Two Days In

As I type this post, the second day of 2015 is coming to a close. The sun is setting. And I'm still fighting off the headache I've had for 48 hours.

I finished off all the sugar, all the wine, all the baked goods made of flour. Not one morsel of junk has entered my body since midnight on December 31. Hence the headache.

I can't say I'm loving this headache. It feels like a icepick in my right eye. But it is still a good thing. Because this headache is telling me that I'm doing the right thing. I'm cleansing my system. Sometimes the cleansing looks like acne. But all of the pain and ugliness is temporary. Soon I'll be feeling fine.

It won't be long before I notice all the benefits of eating clean. The flat belly. The muscle definition. The clear skin. The increase in energy. The healthy gums. I'm looking forward to all of it.

If you don't feel quite up to joining me for a full Whole 30, maybe you'd consider taking a small step in that direction? Maybe dropping the sugar and added sweeteners for a month? Slaying the sugar dragon will bring enormous rewards. It will mean reading labels obsessively at first. But once you know which products are truly sugar-free, it will be smooth sailing. And expect to see your waistline shrink, your skin improve, and your moods stabilize. (Once that pesky headache passes!)

Maybe losing all the sugar from your diet sounds like too much right now? Maybe you could start with just the drinks? If you normally drink soda on a daily basis, think about switching to a sugar-free option. Water, of course, is about the healthiest thing you can drink. But unsweetened iced tea is also a great choice. Herbal teas are good in the evening. You might try carbonated water with natural flavorings. Just watch out for substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar as those can keep your sweet tooth going strong.

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you're finding ways to make your new year the healthiest one yet!