Have More Fun!

Of course we all have responsibilities: mortgage payments, deadlines, changing the oil, getting dinner on the table, chauffeuring the kids, bathing the dog. Sometimes life can seem like an endless to-do list, a race toward the finish line with hundreds of hurdles in between. But this kind of attitude is not going to make anybody's day. And it's not going to make you healthier, either.

In her latest book, Goddesses Never Age, Dr. Christiane Northrup discusses recent studies which focus on centenarians (people over 100 years old) from all around the world. She zeroes in on the qualities which keep these folks alive, keep them healthy, and make their lives not just long, but happy.

And according to this research, folks who live to be over 100 are having more fun.

Joy and happiness increase the production of DHEA, the life force hormone. This hormone is crucial for helping to keep all the other hormones in balance. If you are low in DHEA, there is a good chance your other hormones will be running amok. And we all know that our hormones affect every facet of our lives, from our moods to our appetite to our cycles of sleep and reproduction.

So if you're feeling stuck in your dreary, day-to-day existence, how can you break out and have more fun?

1) Start by saying NO to everything that pulls you down. You may not be able to quit your job, but maybe there are parts of it you can delegate. Maybe you can negotiate your hours to create some more free time. Maybe you can give up that club or class or group that just doesn't feed your soul anymore. Maybe your spouse or co-worker or neighbor can take on some of the shared tasks that you hate.

2) Then begin to say YES to some new experiences. Say yes to taking a vacation in a sunny, tropical climate. Pick up that instrument you have always wanted to play. Try a drumming circle or a pole dancing class. Don't be afraid of looking or acting silly. The less appropriate, the better!

3) Watch some comedies! Rent funny movies or television shows. Find whatever tickles your funny bone. Spend time with people who make you laugh. Life is too short to take seriously.

4) Get a fresh pair of eyes. (Don't take them from a living person, though.) Try seeing the world through a child's eyes. Cultivate a sense of wonder. Slow down. Watch a spider weave a web or a praying mantis chew on a caterpillar. The world will look more beautiful to you when you are open to seeing and recognizing that beauty.

5) Remember to practice gratitude. I find there is nothing like feeling grateful for all that we have to turn a sour mood on its head. If you are reading this blog right now, you are lucky. (Not to be reading my blog! Because you probably have a computer, smart phone, tablet, or other high-tech device!!!) We tend to forget how amazingly blessed we are.

So don't waste any more time being miserable! Starting today, make time to do at least one fun thing. I'm very lucky because my job is so fun: I get to teach Fit Jam tonight. I will move my body, make people laugh, laugh at myself, and release some DHEA! How about you? What will you do?