Short Story Contest on Freeditorial

Now I've gone and done it. There's no taking it back. At least I don't think there is...

Yes, I've entered my short story titled Facebook Can Be Fatal in an online contest. The author who gets the most downloads (FREE! Did I mention downloads are FREE?) wins! (There may also be a smidgen of judging by some judges involved, but there's no need to dwell on that.) The contest is sponsored by

The bottom line is: I need your help! First prize is $15,000! Second and third prizes are not too shabby, either.

If you are willing, click here to download!

Simply browse through the entries listed under Long Short Story Contest or enter my name into the SEARCH feature. You can also download an app for your phone or read it on your Kindle or other devices.

As you might have guessed from the title, Facebook Can Be Fatal involves a murder, although I wouldn't exactly call it a mystery. Possibly more of a psychological thriller. If you're a fan of the twisted love story, along the lines of Gone Girl perhaps, then you might enjoy it.
And even if you're not a fan of murder mysteries and thrillers, you can always click here to download
anyway to vote for my story and just skip the part where you read it! (Just a little authorly humor!) 

No, seriously, I would very much appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thank you in advance. If I win, party at my house!!!