Exo Bars (Not What You'd Expect!)

What is the hottest new trend in protein bars? What kind of flour is packed with a sustainable form of protein from a plentiful source? What are the most adventurous Paleo eaters chomping on these days? What kind of power bar makes you rub your back legs together and chirp all night long?

Yes! You guessed it! Cricket flour!

I received my two free Exo bars in the mail after finding a coupon code on Facebook. I had already visited the site once or twice, but the sample pack of four bars (one in each flavor) cost $13 and that sounded pretty steep to me. Not to mention, shipping was added on top of that. But my two free bars only cost me $2.50 in shipping. (Regular price for 2 bars: $9.50.)

In order to write this blog, I opened up the Blueberry Vanilla bar and gave it a taste. Quite sweet. The texture is chewy and slightly sticky, as you might guess from the main ingredients: lots of dried fruit. The list includes apricots, blueberries, strawberries, and coconut. Honey is used to add even more sweetness. The protein comes from almonds (the first ingredient) and crickets (the fifth ingredient), but there is only 10 grams in a bar. Both carbs and fat come in at a higher level: 16 grams of fat and 23 of carbs, including 14 grams of sugar.

However, all the ingredients are natural, can be eaten on a Paleo diet, and combine to make a pretty tasty product. These bars are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and a good source of iron and calcium. Can I taste the cricket? No. At least I don't think so. I've never eaten a cricket before, though, so my tastebuds don't really know what to look for. Information on the package warns those with shellfish allergies could be allergic to cricket flour, so buyers should beware.

Will I rush right out and purchase a case of Exo bars? No. Although the taste is very pleasant, I would prefer to find a product with more protein and less sugar. For my taste, these are overly sweet. If you prefer your energy bars on the sweet side, you have a hankering for something unusual, and you're not afraid of a little insect in your meal, I'd recommend checking out the Exo bars.

And I was only kidding about the chirping thing. I haven't chirped once. Yet.


  1. Yep. Definitely cross "Intentionally eat a bug" off of your life's to-do list! You're very brave LOL!


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