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Before I met my husband, I had never heard of the akita breed. These dogs originated in Japan but were almost completely extinct by the end of World War II. They were brought back by a single Japanese man who disregarded the law (food shortages made owning dogs illegal) and saved numerous dogs. A small handful of breeders here in the US stepped in to help this ancient breed.

Akitas are unique dogs. In many ways, they are similar to cats. They have no doggie odor. They are extremely fastidious. Most people find akitas to be stubborn, though some of us prefer the term "thoughtful." Most of the time, one cannot expect an instant response from an akita. (Unless a very desirable treat is involved!) They are loyal and will bond with an owner or family (pack) for life. This is the main reason why being dumped in a shelter is particularly hard on an akita.

You may already know that our beautiful female akita Ginny recently passed away. I have been missing her terribly, despite the constant companionship from our male akita, Kody, who is a total lovebug. As a tribute to Ginny, I have decided to split the winnings from the online short story contest I entered between Rakki Inu Akita Rescue (from whom we adopted Ginny) and Big East Akita Rescue (from whom we adopted Kody.) First prize is $15,000. This money would go a long way in helping remove abandoned akitas from shelters all over the east coast and placing them in loving homes.

However, I cannot make this donation if I do not win this money!

Please take a moment right now to download my story for FREE at The title of my story is Facebook Can Be Fatal. You can also send my story to a friend as a gift! Each download counts as a vote! (Liking or reading the excerpt does not count.) Please share this message with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Together we can make a big difference in the lives of many dogs!


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