Enjoy: A New Definition

I woke up this morning pondering the word "enjoy." En-joy... And the true meaning of the word suddenly hit me. It was a revelation!

En-joy: to infuse joy into whatever you are doing.

This seemed like a profound shift to me. A shift from passive to active. A shift from maybe receiving enjoyment to ensuring enjoyment. I realized if I am going to enjoy something, it means I am going to CREATE enjoyment. Not search for it, perhaps dejectedly, without any real hope of finding any. No! I'm going to enter into the situation already planning to inject joy.

Think about this.

I normally abhor housework. This is clearly because I do not en-joy it. But if I decide to create a joyful experience of wiping my countertops, or dusting the paintings, or scrubbing the floor, I will then en-joy it!

When a waiter sets your meal down in front of you and says "Enjoy!" now you know what he means. Be sure to make your meal joy-full.

As a control freak, this new concept of enjoyment is right up my alley. After all, who wants to go into a situation (a concert, a restaurant, a movie, a party) not knowing whether or not you will enjoy it? Of course all the variables are still unknown as you step through the door, but if you enter with a PLAN to en-joy the evening, you will certainly find something to smile about. Maybe many somethings.

Is there a limit to the situations you can en-joy? Perhaps. But I watched a documentary made about a famous pianist who was imprisoned in a death camp during the Holocaust. She had her young son with her so she made sure to infuse every moment they had together with laughter and joy. It sounded impossible to me when I heard this. I can't imagine the strength it must have taken for her to do this. But it does reinforce my concept: it is up to you to choose joy. And even in the most horrific of circumstances, it is still possible.

Yesterday I attended a short ceremony at my daughter's high school. She has been selected as the first violinist for the school's string quartet. (Yes, there is only one quartet for the entire school!) For a violinist, there is no higher honor. She led the quartet yesterday with precision and heart, infusing each piece with resonance and clarity. I could not have been prouder. There were tears in my eyes as I witnessed their premiere. This was a situation that was impossible NOT to en-joy!

As you go through your day today, I hope this new definition of enjoyment will continue to resonate with you. Whatever you happen to be doing, I hope you can find a way to en-joy!


  1. A great reminder for all of us Liz! Thanks for your always insightful comments.

  2. True! So many things in life are a decision we make.


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