I Survived a 30-Minute LIVE Interview!

It was touch and go. Anything could have happened.

Before the interview began, I had fantasies of needing to use the "facilities" while on air. I imagined everyone listening in while I took care of "business." I pictured myself taking a sip of water and choking, our interview then consisting of several minutes of very loud coughing and sputtering followed by a 9-1-1 call.

Luckily, I managed to talk, drink water, respond to questions, share information, and not need resuscitation. So, overall, I'd say things went well.

In case you missed my earlier blog, I was interviewed yesterday by Dan Windheim on his Internet radio program: Dialogues with Dan. Never mind if you missed the live interview; Dan's programs are recorded and archived. To listen anytime, 24/7, simply go to www.rocklandworldradio.com and search for Dialogues with Dan, Tuesday (May 12, 2015).

What did we discuss, you ask?

Dan invited me onto his show to talk about my short story FACEBOOK CAN BE FATAL which I've entered in an online contest. I'm hoping to win $15,000 to donate to Big East Akita Rescue and Rakki Inu Akita Rescue. The story receiving the most (FREE!) downloads by June 4 will win the top cash prize. To download, click here: www.freeditorial.com/en/books/facebook-can-be-fatal. One download per IP address will count toward my total. Please be sure to click on "ereader" or "kindle" or "pdf" as LIKES do not count! (Likes are nice, for sure, but will not count as a vote!)

During the interview, I discuss the problem of millions of animals ending up in shelters every year. Many are held for only a short time before being euthanized. The role of the rescue organizations is crucial in saving these adoptable animals. I've seen the long hours rescue volunteers put in, pulling animals from shelters, evaluating their temperaments, driving them to vets, fostering them while they wait for a permanent home. Beautiful, loving animals are dumped each and every day at shelters around the U.S. I know I want to do my part to put an end to their suffering.

Even if you don't have time to listen to the interview, I hope you'll take a few seconds to download my short story. It's easy, very quick (two clicks!) and FREE! Each download is a vote for keeping animals out of shelters and getting them into loving homes.

And if you'd like to help even more, please share this blog with your friends. Your support means so much! Thank you in advance.