Tune In: Tuesday, May 12! Hear Me LIVE!

On Tuesday, May 12, I'll be interviewed live by my friend of almost 50 years, Dan Windheim. Dan has a weekly show from 6:30-7pm on Rockland World Radio, an internet radio station. You can tune in and hear the interview as it happens, or you can access the recorded interview any time after the fact. Simply go to www.rocklandworldradio.com.

Dan and I will be discussing my short story Facebook Can Be Fatal and the online contest I've entered in order to win some big bucks (up to $15,000 for first prize!) to donate to the two akita rescue groups where my family adopted our two dogs. As you might remember, we recently lost our sweet female Ginny and I hope to make a large donation in her memory. If you haven't had a chance to download my story yet (for FREE!) please take a moment to do that today. The contest ends June 4 and I need to receive LOTS more downloads daily to have a shot at the cash! To find my story, go here: https://freeditorial.com/en/books/facebook-can-be-fatal and be sure to click on "ereader," "kindle" or "pdf" in order to download. And if you could spread the word, share this information with as many others as possible, I would greatly appreciate the support!

I thought you might also like to know a little bit about Dan. He is a very special guy.

We grew up together in Nyack, New York, attended the same elementary school through high school, shared the same group of friends. Danny was handsome, kind, athletic, funny, and very popular. An all-around great guy. Then tragedy struck. Dan was in a serious car accident. He received a severe head injury and was in a coma for months. When he finally woke up, everything in his life has changed forever.

Dan has lived for more than thirty years with TBI-- traumatic brain injury-- a condition that has affected everything. He had to struggle fiercely to learn how to walk, talk, and basically function all over again. But Dan is no quitter. And the things he has accomplished, despite his struggles, are no less than amazing. In addition to his weekly radio program, Dan has created a website for people living with TBI. (Check it out here: www.tbilife.com.) He has written and published three books, all of which are available for purchase on his website. He writes poetry, works at the library, and can even drive a car now.

Beyond all this, Dan continues to be a kind and generous person, always reaching out to others to do what he can to help them. Now he's helping me spread the word about animal rescue. And hopefully, thanks to Dan and his radio program, I'll be reaching many more supporters and saving more dogs.

I hope you'll tune in on Tuesday, May 12 and meet Dan!