Cure Your PMS

Earlier this week I was in a serious funk. Maybe rage is a better word. Some women get weepy when their period is due, but I've always gotten angry instead.

Hostility and headaches are a sure sign that my monthly visitor will be arriving soon. Both are annoying, but deep breathing and ibuprofen work very well on these symptoms. However, I haven't yet mentioned the dreaded bloating.

Just when I was enjoying my recent weight loss, PMS went and ruined everything. I was swollen everywhere: from my face to my boobs to my belly all the way down to my toes. No big deal, you might say. This too shall pass, you might say. It's just a little water retention, nothing fatal.


I truly felt like killing somebody in that bloated state. (Is it possible I read way too many murder mysteries???)

Anyway, the point of this post is that I found a cure for my water retention, and in the process, I miraculously removed ALL my PMS symptoms!

My miracle PMS cure has only 2 ingredients. It is a delicious, non-alcoholic cocktail. You might even have the ingredients on hand. (Well, maybe not.) It is extremely healthy and will help your bloating issues very quickly. Be warned: this drink is TART! (Do not add any type of sweetener, though. And do not use a juice that is sweetened with anything, including other fruit juices.)

Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic. You will find yourself excreting that excess water in no time. It is also a tonic for the bladder and kidneys. It will ward off urinary tract infections and keep this system functioning at an optimal level. Enjoy!


4 green teabags (regular green tea with nothing added)
1 quart cold, filtered water
1/4 cup unsweetened pure cranberry juice (I use Trader Joe's brand.)

Remove all paper tags from teabags and drop into quart-sized glass jar. Pour cold water over them. Let sit for several hours to infuse. When your tea is strong enough (to your taste) remove teabags. (As you can see from my photo, I leave the teabags in because I don't mind the bitterness. But that's just me.) Add cranberry juice and chill. Drink 1-2 cups daily or as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: this advice is not meant to substitute for a doctor's care or instructions. Please consult your doctor before drinking any strange concoctions or listening to any weird bloggers with rage issues. Thank you.