Flatten Your Tummy in ONE Easy Move!

Are you lazy?

I don't mean to be rude. But I think most of us are! Maybe not you. Maybe you're one of those Type A workaholics. Maybe you'd prefer an hour-long program of exercises to flatten your belly. You should probably come to Pilates class! (Nothing wrong with Pilates--great core strengthening and I highly recommend it.)

But if you could do one simple stretch that would instantly flatten your tummy, you'd probably be willing to give it a try, right?

Well, I have that stretch for you! I even have a fabulous video created by Kelly Starrett describing this stretch and teaching you exactly how to do it. Some of us lazy folks like to do this stretch on the couch while watching TV. Yes, it is THAT EASY! (Kelly even demonstrates how to sip a Paleo beverage while executing the couch stretch.) Here is the link: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2010/08/episode-02-dont-go-in-the-pain-cave/.

Kelly doesn't discuss the magnificent tummy-flattening magic of this stretch. He is more concerned with athletic performance. But the miracle of the couch stretch is that it lengthens the very strong, often very tight and short hip flexor muscles. If your hip flexors are shortened, from spending hours sitting at a desk or behind the wheel, you will have many symptoms. These might include low back pain, poor posture, difficulty sitting cross-legged on the floor, reduced range of motion at the hip joint. The poor posture which accompanies tight hip flexors also creates the paunchy belly syndrome.

To be honest, there is much more to a flat tummy than just lengthening the hip flexors. You need to reduce or eliminate refined sugars and processed foods which tend to make the body accumulate fat around the middle. Adding some aerobic activity will help you burn off this unwanted fat. A regular exercise program like bootcamp or Pilates will help build strong core muscles to support your low back and flatten the belly.

But the couch stretch is a GREAT place to start. With this one EASY move, you will instantly reduce the strain on your low back. This will help decrease pain, restore correct alignment of the spine, and make your belly look flatter! These are very important benefits for a short investment of time.