Twenty Chore Tuesday

For the past several years, Tuesday has been my day off. I teach at least one class on every other day, except the weekend when I usually plan my classes and practice my choreography. (Insert snickers from my students who know that practice does NOT make perfect in my case.) Starting in the fall, I'll be moving my Wednesday morning classes to Tuesdays, so Twenty Chore Tuesday will become a thing of the past.

What is Twenty Chore Tuesday, you ask?

No, I'm pretty sure no one is wondering that. Because it is exactly what it states: an opportunity to pack in the stuff you might not want to do on all those other days of the week. Why Tuesday? It fits perfectly into my particular schedule, but you could always switch it to Thirty Chore Thursday if you like. (The alliteration is the key.)

I'm working on my list. Here's what I have so far:

1) Make pickled beets. This will be a first for me. I'll make a small batch (using 4-5 beets) which should fit into about 2 pint-sized jars. If I like the recipe, I'll use it when my beets in the garden are ready to harvest. (I'll share the recipe in the future. Today I'm experimenting.)

2) Bake a blueberry cake. I plan to use the Rhubarb Cake recipe I posted a few weeks ago, substituting the blueberries for the rhubarb. This is a grain-free, Paleo-friendly cake. And a good way to use up some surplus berries! My bushes are still producing and I've already frozen a couple of quarts for winter smoothies.

3) Weed the garden. This is one of those chores I constantly put off. I need to just put my big-girl gloves on and start yanking out those thistles.

4) Vacuum the bedroom. Another chore I've put off for so long that the dust bunnies have reproduced and created several new generations.

5) Vacuum the family room. Dog hair city in there. Our akita is STILL shedding after 2 baths and numerous brushings.

6) Throw away the broken water pik. Someone PLEASE design a new type of tubing for this appliance! I'm now on my THIRD water pik. The thin, crappy tube always splits where it attaches to the handle.

7) Take all my vitamins and supplements. I always put this on my list of things to do because I ALWAYS forget to take them!!!

8) Foam roll. I know I've written at least one blog about how important it is to massage your muscles. Foam rolling is a great method of self-massage that works wonders on tight, sore, achy muscles.

9) Couch stretch. This is the most important single stretch we all need to do DAILY to reverse the effects of too much sitting. I'm trying to remember to do this every single day.

10) Drink 4 quarts of water. It's summer. It's hot out. And I'm not drinking enough plain old water. I'm managing to consume plenty of coffee and green tea, but somehow I keep forgetting to drink water. With bootcamp tomorrow morning, I need to remember to hydrate well TODAY.

That's it so far. Not too impressive, I know. I'll keep working at it and hopefully come up with 10 more chores I can accomplish in the next 12 hours.

Maybe I've inspired you to make your own list of chores for the day? Or for the weekend? Or maybe you'd prefer to live vicariously through me and my drudgery?

Either way, have a happy Tuesday!