Chicken, Quinoa, and Kale Patties

Every once in a while, I like to share my latest discoveries at Costco and/or Trader Joe's. I don't shop at our local grocery stores anymore (Weis, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Giant) and I have never even entered the new Whole Foods. Why not? I just don't feel the need. (I have visited the local farmers' market and Larriland, our local pick-your-own farm, several times this summer, however!)

If you were expecting a recipe from this post, I apologize. It certainly would not be very difficult to whip up a batch of chicken patties made with kale and quinoa. But did I? Nope. I purchased these at Costco. You can find them in the refrigerated section. They are fully cooked! And therefore only need to be reheated for a couple of minutes in the microwave. Really, you cannot make dinner any simpler.

In case you can't read the small print, these patties contain 19 grams of protein each and only 170 calories. There are no artificial ingredients. No preservatives. No additives. Just real food.

I had these patties once before, probably a year ago, and then POOF! They disappeared from the Costco shelves as suddenly as they had appeared. Of course, this was after I discovered their awesomeness, so I was pretty grumpy. But on our last trip, there they were again! Hello delicious patties!

Suggestion: serve over a bed of steamed spinach and mashed potato!

Of course, with prepared products, you are always going to pay a little more for the convenience aspect. You could make something similar yourself and save a few bucks. But I have to admit, I can be one lazy SOB at times. And one of my favorite things to make for dinner is a burger.

Speaking of burgers, Costco also carries a delicious frozen mahi mahi burger. This product contains wild-caught fish with a blend of Southwest-style seasonings (onion, red and green peppers, a little spiciness) and cooks up in minutes in your frying pan. You could throw one on top of a salad or saute a few veggies on the side. Again, a very quick easy meal. A good amount of protein and low in calories.

And for many years, my hubby and I have been enjoying Costco's frozen salmon burgers. These have all the same benefits I've been describing: convenience, quick-cooking, high protein, low calories. The Trident salmon burgers are made from wild-caught salmon, not farm-raised. Simply seasoned without any overwhelming additions. High in Omega-3's as well. You cannot go wrong with this product!

There you have my Costco shopping list. At least the burger section. If you try any of my suggestions, or if you find a product you would recommend, please share!