Paying it Forward

Yesterday, after my nap, I stumbled down the stairs, made an iced coffee, and flipped open my laptop. I'm addicted to Facebook (as well as caffeine) so that's where I headed. And immediately, the very first post in my newsfeed was an offer of a FREE photo collage by an artist I've been watching for weeks in the Choose Yourself group. (Based on James Altucher's book of the same name.)

I responded right away and WON the free photo collage! The artist known as Stellabelle created not one but 2 gorgeous pieces of artwork just for me! Can you believe this? I told her about a few of the images in my (unfinished) novel, and she made a stunning photo collage for me to use as a book cover! (I'm not going to post the artwork here as I want to reveal my cover when the novel is ready for publication.) Huge thanks to Stellabelle. You can check out her website: or tweet her @stellabelle or view her videos on youtube:

And this is not all! At the very same moment, I received a message from an old HS friend. She offered to send me some FREE essential oils for natural healing purposes. I swear, when it rains, it pours. When I receive my oils, with instructions, I'll check them out and write another blog to let you know how they work.

In the meantime, I'm going to pay it forward. I'm going to offer a free weight loss coaching session to the first person to respond to this offer in the comment section below. If you read this blog on Facebook, please do not request your free session as a comment on the Facebook post. This will not count. You must sign in and comment directly on this blog.

If you're wondering exactly what a weight loss coaching session might look like, don't be afraid. I'm not going to insist that you weigh in half-naked in front of your entire community. There will be no fraternity-style hazing. No one will hit you or scream at you. We will simply go over your daily habits and current life style choices, then make some decisions together about the best place to make SMALL changes. Little tweaks. Nothing scary. The initial session is only about identifying where to begin.

So, let's get it started! Get in touch NOW and change your life!


  1. We DO have a winner! Serene tried to comment on this blog but had technical difficulties. She will receive her FREE session! If you missed out on this offer, but would still like to receive help with your weight loss goals, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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