Sneaky Greens for Grownups

The idea of sneaking veggies into meals has been around forever. Probably caveman mothers tried to hide wild greens in their cavekids' brontosaurus burgers. Jessica Seinfeld wrote a whole cook book (Deceptively Delicious) around this concept. But I realized I do the same thing for myself, whenever I cook. I make a habit of getting greens into almost every meal I eat.

If you are less than enthused about scarfing down huge leaves of kale, I understand. I'm betting most Americans are right there with you. I am one of those weirdos who actually LIKE kale. And yet, I sneak it into my meals. My theory is that it's better to get a little kale (or other healthy greens) several times a day than eat a giant plateful and get tired of it quickly.

Some of the ways I sneak greens into my meals include: chopped up and hidden in my turkey breakfast muffins; wilted on my grilled cheese and turkey sandwich; chopped and sauteed in my Mexican taco bowl.

I made this Mexican Taco bowl for dinner a couple of nights in a row this week. The version above contains sauteed black Tuscan kale as well as fresh Roma tomatoes from my garden. I'll give you the recipe for this particular version, but keep in mind that you can play around with the ingredients.

Side note: I am an avid fan of Chopped and I'm imagining what Chef Aaron Sanchez would say about my "Mexican" taco bowl: "Gringa! There is nothing remotely Mexican about what you have prepared here! This is a very poor representation of an entire culture!" So let me first apologize for using the term "Mexican" so loosely. But to be fair, I did use "Mexican" shredded cheese!

(makes 1 serving)

1 frozen mahi mahi burger (both Costco and Trader Joe's carry these)
1 small bunch black Tuscan kale, finely chopped
1 teaspoon coconut oil

Melt oil in cast iron skillet. Heat frozen fish burger in center of pan. Toss in chopped greens and stir them around while burger cooks. Flip burger after about 4 minutes. Cook on both sides until golden brown and heated through. Greens should be soft.

Layer cooked greens in bowl with fish burger on top. Sprinkle on Mexican shredded cheese, chopped fresh tomatoes, chunky salsa, guacamole, and crushed organic corn tortilla chips. That's it! So easy.

You can substitute other ingredients such as: grass fed beef or bison burger, chicken or turkey burger, salmon, crab, or shrimp burger. Any type of greens will work, such as kale, collards, swiss chard, spinach. You can even use other cooked veggies like brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans, or peas. Some fresh, raw veggies are nice, especially tomatoes, but you could skip them in a pinch. The guacamole adds some fat to the dish, along with the cheese. The chips give a nice crunch. But use what you have on hand.

If you come up with a version that you love, please share it with us in the comments!