Best Burger in Howard County

This is important, people! Where can you go in Howard County (Ellicott City area) for a great burger?

I don't know about you, but when I go out to eat, this is what I'm craving: a fat juicy beef patty, a freshly baked bun, homemade fixings, and superb fries on the side. Okay, on occasion I order a salad. But why? I can make myself an awesome salad right at home. (I can make a good burger, too, but there is no way to make fantastic fries at home. Unless you own a deep fryer. And I will never own one of those.)

I am super picky when I go out to eat. I want excellent food, pleasant ambiance, attentive service, and cheap prices. Yes, I am hard to please. (This is one of the reasons I don't eat out much!)

But it's our anniversary, so we're looking for a nice place to have a burger and fries. Not Fuddrucker's. Not Fatburger. These places are basically McDonald's but with better food. And higher prices. I want a nice sit-down restaurant. No blaring TVs or music. Not a sports bar. I don't want to be so close to the next table that we can't have a conversation.

Usually when we want to go out for a burger, we choose Bistro Blanc in Glenelg. I would definitely give this place top marks for food. Everything I've ever eaten here has been excellent. If you want a complete review, I think I've already written one. (Just search this blog!) But we've been to this place so many times, we're looking for something new.

Victoria's Gastro Pub also does an excellent burger. And their duck fat fries are impossible to beat. Plus the atmosphere is very nice. Romantic, even. But we were hoping to walk around Old Ellicott City and possibly find a burger somewhere down there.

But after reading every review I could find, I gave up on finding an excellent burger at a decent price in downtown Ellicott City. Portalli's has a wagyu burger but the price is $19. Steep, for just a burger, wouldn't you say?

Mutiny Pirate Bar is opening soon in Old Ellicott City, but their liquor license is still pending. We will certainly be checking out their new location, right on the corner of Old Columbia Pike and Main Street, as soon as they are up and running.

But for our anniversary, we ended up at Victoria's Gastro Pub. Our burgers were everything we expected: juicy, cooked perfectly, and topped with lots of homemade pickles. And the duck fat fries were also awesome. The prices are not cheap--our burgers were $14 (black angus with cheese) and $16 for the wagyu beef--but the quality is very high. Plus the service was good and the atmosphere was fine. My hubby ate his burger in about two seconds flat, but this is typical. Sorry no photos--I forgot my phone!!

If you have had a fantabulous burger somewhere in Howard County, please share your comments below! I'm always looking for another great burger place.



  1. Bistro Blanc has an amazing burger as well.

  2. I agree, Andy! Bistro Blanc is an awesome place for burgers!

  3. You mentioned the two places that immediately came to my mind - Bistro Blanc and Victoria's - but the burger at Alexandra's at Turf Valley is quite tasty, too. Plus, since it's in a resort hotel, it's great for an anniversary! =)

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth! I've never tried Alexandra's and I live very close by. It's on my list now!


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