A Simple Resolution

For 2016, I've decided to make only one resolution. And a very simple one, at that. This year, I resolve to clean my house.

For those of you who know me well, you've probably discovered that cleaning does not come naturally to me. I am a slob. Both my parents were clean and neat people, so maybe slobbery skips a generation? I can't explain why, but I've always been able to tolerate a great deal of mess. (And it seems I have passed this trait on to both my children.)

Most years, I have resolved to lose weight. (After the debauchery of the holidays, I always have a few excess pounds to shed by January and this year is no different.) I usually start the year off with some kind of challenge like Whole 30. But this year, I plan to kill 2-3 birds with one stone. Possibly more.

Here's how:

Cleaning the house involves getting up off one's butt. This is a good idea because we all know that sitting is the new smoking. In other words, the more you sit, the sooner you will die. Standing still does not offer any additional benefits. Nor does lying down. What you must do to increase your health, and thus your lifespan, is MOVE.

Any and all movement is better than staying still. Puttering around in the garden, pushing a vacuum or a mop, dusting those disgusting ceiling fans, taking out the trash, brushing the dog, all of these activities are easy for most of us and will accomplish at least two goals at once: cleaning up and moving around.

Of course, we still need to get to the gym or attend our group exercise classes for fitness. The above activities are not aerobic, so they will not improve your cardiovascular function. They are not strenuous enough to build strength. You will still need to run or jog, lift heavy weights, do push-ups and pull-ups, and don't forget your squats!

If you're like me, you find it all too easy to get captured by Facebook. I can scroll through my newsfeed for hours, clicking "LIKE" on at least one hundred cute puppies and funny memes. I have to watch all the dance and music videos and read a dozen articles about creativity. Only when my butt has completely fallen asleep, do I think about standing up and moving.

Not any more! This year I vow to do laundry. I will vacuum, mop, and dust. I will take out the compost. I will scrub the shower and the toilet. (I did these things last year, too, but certainly not very often.)

Who is with me? Are you making any resolutions this year? If so, please share below!