Jury Duty and Other Inconveniences

Guess what? I received a summons for jury duty. My first ever.

And my reaction? Not good.

At first, I was very upset. If I have to appear every day, for a full week, then I will miss a week of classes. I only just started teaching again after a month-long winter break. I have many brand-new students. I've only just met them. My first thought was: I'll lose all my new students. They'll decide to take class with someone else, someone who can be relied upon to show up, someone who would never do something so inconsiderate as getting called for jury duty.

Paranoid much? Yeah.

Question: What is Rule #1 in this life? 

Answer: You can't control everything.

Ugh. I hate this rule more than anything. I WANT to control everything. (Insert noisy toddler tantrum here.)

Since this is impossible, it is important to recognize when I have no control. Jury duty is such a time. So I have to let go. Surrender. If I must suffer through a week (or God forbid longer!!!) of jury duty, I will deal with it. I will survive. I may be able to find subs for my classes. If not, my students will surely understand that this is not my choice, but my obligation.

Next, I got online and filled out my juror questionnaire. And lo and behold! I was able to request a different week for my jury duty. I selected the week of my spring break when I will have zero classes to teach. I am now very hopeful that the Circuit Court Gods will look favorably upon my request. Perhaps I can fulfill my duty as a citizen and not lose any of my teaching days.

But if not, it will still be okay.

Question: What is Rule #2?

Answer: Don't sweat the small stuff.