Day Three of the Storm of the Century. Just heard we broke the record for the most snowfall ever recorded in a 3-day period at BWI airport. The total there was 29 inches, but out here in Western Howard County we have more than that. I'm guessing at least 3 feet.

As I type this blog, my hubby is riding the Kubota up and down the driveway, hefting enormous scoops of snow and dumping them to the side. We are praying he can clear the 1/3 mile of gravel road before he runs out of diesel fuel. We started with a full tank, but we don't have any back-up.

Walking the dogs has become an adventure of epic proportions. Akitas are extemely fastidious and will not poop just any old place. So this morning I attempted to wade through drifts almost waist high, carving narrow tunnels through the snow, in order to find a suitable squatting area. We made it to the river, which was partially frozen over. But when the dogs stepped onto the ice, it cracked. I decided not to try crossing as a freezing cold bath might dampen my mood. After the trek back and cruising up and down the already-plowed portion of the driveway, nobody pooped. Epic fail.

I spent a good half hour shoveling snow around my garage after that. It took about 4 whopping shovelfuls in each location to get down to the gravel. I wasn't able to clear much of a swath before my muscles started talking to me. I was delighted to discover that My Fitness Pal gave me some exercise calories for shoveling! (I really should apologize for all the mean things I said about this app. It can be a pal when it wants to be.)

I've had a hot bath and a nap. I came downstairs to find a roaring fire in the woodstove. The house is really warming up now! After another walk with the dogs, and another attempt to get the two of them to poo, I'm thinking it must be time to bake something!