The Joy of Less

Hooray! I received some excellent news today! My short story titled "Too Much of a Good Thing" is going to be published in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul volume called The Joy of Less.

The stories in this volume revolve around the theme of less is more. This might mean paring down one's possessions, letting go of relationships that no longer support us, or simplifying one's life in a variety of ways. For many of us, this is an important aspect of growing older. We learn the value of our time and our energy, and begin to spend both more wisely.

The wheels of publishing grind slowly, so I've been waiting for months to hear about this submission. I knew I was selected as a finalist, but I only heard today that I had made the cut. I can't wait to share this book with you! I know many of my friends and readers agree with this book's philosophy that living with less can often bring increased happiness.

The last story I published in the Chicken Soup volume about angels was a disturbing tale of violence. (I still have one extra copy of this volume, in case anyone missed it!) I am thankful to say that this latest essay is funny and uplifting, and contains no violence whatsoever.

When the softcovers come out, I will be sent 10 copies. I'll need a few for gifts, but if anyone is interested in purchasing one or more of my extra copies, please let me know! (I can deliver copies to those living close enough to Howard County, Maryland...) The cost for the paperback books will $15 each.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. Reading this blog takes time and energy, and I'm grateful that you use your precious time to read my words. There is no greater gift for a writer. (I can't believe I just called myself that!)