A Hot Bath AND a Nap

In my last post, I discussed the concept of becoming your own BFF. But that was just a pile of words. Today, I took action. Instead of giving lip service to this idea, I got down and dirty with it. In actuality, I got down and clean with it.

Up until today, my week wasn't progressing perfectly.

The weekEND was wonderful. I heard about my story getting selected for the upcoming Chicken Soup book. Then my daughter was accepted into her college of choice--in fact, the only college she applied to. As if this wasn't enough awesome news, she then interviewed and was hired for a job. Hooray!

So what did I do? I opened a bottle of wine. A pinot noir, to be exact. And we had a little celebration dinner on Sunday evening. I had taken a month-long break from all alcohol, so one glass of wine knocked me on my ass, then gave me a raging headache on Monday. Good start to the week, right? Then Monday night, I couldn't sleep. This almost never happens to me, but when it does, I am a total wreck the next day. So my Tuesday morning classes were difficult. The hangover headache was still hanging on. I ate ibuprofen just to survive.

But then my much-needed day off rolled around.

Instead of spending the day on errands--shopping, cleaning, cooking or the many other tasks that need doing around here--I decided to REALLY take the day off. I reclined in my clawfoot tub for an hour with epsom salts dissolving in the warm water for my sore muscles. After lunch, I reclined again--this time in bed--and took an hour-long nap. It's amazing how tired I was after that bath!

End result: I feel SO much better.

Do you ever give yourself a day off? I mean, a whole day. Yes, including pampering yourself. You don't have to sit in a bathtub or lie in bed, unless those are the activities your body craves. You can give yourself a facial or a foot massage. You might choose to make yourself a nutritious salad or a smoothie. You could watch DVD's or Netflix on the couch or read a good book in an armchair all day.

We all need downtime. When we run ourselves ragged, no one wins. We wind up sick and exhausted and often angry about it. Although I am dedicating myself to cleaning this year, I must also remind myself that those dishes will wait. The mudroom has been muddy for the entire winter, so another day of staying dirty won't kill anyone. Allow yourself some time off now and again.

This is how we become our own best friends.