How Do YOU Celebrate?

Perhaps it has to do with how you were raised. Maybe in your home of origin, every happy event was enjoyed around a massive cake covered in pink roses made of frosting. Or good news was always greeted with champagne. Or champale. Remember that stuff???

Recently my daughter received some good news: she WILL be going to college! I asked her how she wanted to celebrate. I mentioned we could take her out to dinner. Yes, I am one of those people who thinks "celebration" equals "eating food." And usually drinking some form of alcoholic beverage along with said food. I'm not snooty about the food I want when I celebrate. In fact, I enjoy an excellent burger and fries, or fish and chips, probably more than any other restaurant meal. But my daughter doesn't love eating out.

Her suggestion? She wants some more holes in her ears.

Yup. Additional piercings. Probably means a trip to the mall. Ugh. Not my favorite destination. But since I did ask, I'll be taking her to the Piercing Pagoda so she can have more chunks of metal shot through her earlobes. Could be worse. She could have requested a tongue piercing or a face tattoo, I guess. Maybe I should be happy.

But my point is that there are many ways to celebrate an accomplishment. It seems so natural to turn to food as the center of every joyous occasion, but even us old dogs can learn new tricks. You might not want extra piercings every time you receive good news, but there are MANY different kinds of treats, gifts, and activities that might be considered celebratory.

1) A trip to the spa. You could celebrate with a mani/pedi, or a facial, or a full body massage. If you want something exotic, you could try a hot stone massage or a mud bath followed by a salt scrub. If you want to save money, you could try a DIY spa day at home. (I'm not sure I'd experiment with hot stones at home...)

2) You could visit a local museum. Here in Washington DC, many museums are FREE and open to the public 7 days a week. Smaller towns have galleries. Counties have art centers which often include free exhibits of local artists.

3) Instead of viewing art, you could celebrate by making art! You probably have all kinds of art supplies lying around your home. (I know I do!) Making a special piece of art that celebrates an event or accomplish is an awesome way to make the good feelings last even longer.

4) Enjoy a day in nature. Wherever you live, there are nearby parks, forests, lakes, beaches, or other natural landscapes worth exploring. Take a hike!

5) Visit the zoo. This has always been a favorite of my kids, even now that they are essentially grown. The zoo in DC is also free. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has free parking, though not free admission. Both are fabulous day trips for those of all ages.

6) Go fishing. Or visit an aquarium. Either way, get closer to our swimming friends for a celebration.

These are just a tiny handful of ideas. Stretch your imagination the next time you have an occasion to celebrate. You will make memories that last a lifetime, especially if you permanently pierce a body part.