Goodbye Beautiful Boy

Yesterday we lost our gentle giant. Kody was almost 10 years old, but had never been sick a single day since we adopted him 2 years ago from Big East Akita Rescue.

We knew he wasn't feeling great, but in true akita fashion Kody hid his pain and suffering very well. He turned away from his food a couple of times, but he ate those meals later in the day, so we weren't particularly worried. However, he quickly took a turn for the worse yesterday while I walked him on our driveway.

My husband loaded him into the car and by the time he got to the emergency vet, Kody could no longer walk. His temperature was 107. We found out he had a tumor which had ruptured. There was nothing to do but say goodbye and let the doctor put him out of his misery.

We spent only 2 years with this wonderful boy, but he firmly planted all four paws in our hearts. He was the sweetest dog you could ever meet; he loved every person he encountered. Did he listen or come when he was called? Um, not really. Maybe if he was in the mood. But we didn't mind. His favorite activity was hunting, and he practiced daily. While walking on a 6-foot leash in the park next door to our house, Kody managed to kill a baby opossum, a garter snake, a small bird, some type of brown rodent, and a mole. He would leap into the air, all 100 pounds of him, and land with four feet on top of something rustling in the tall grass. Next thing we knew, he had made another kill. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, Kody could have fed our family with no problem.

He loved to sleep on our couches, curled up into the smallest ball. He put up with tons of kisses and hugs and belly rubs. He did not appreciate having his nails clipped and didn't like anyone touching his rear end. He liked drinking out of the toilet and the stream much better than water bowls. His head smelled like warm sugar cookies drizzled with honey.

I'm still in shock today. There is a huge hole in our hearts and in our home where Kody's massive shape used to sit. We will all miss him terribly. I hope we will eventually find another big boy to make a mess around here.