Estrogen Dominance

You might think Estrogen Dominance sounds cool, like the name of an all-girls rock band. Or maybe the latest form of S and M performed by women with PMS. But that's where you'd be mistaken. Estrogen dominance is distinctly uncool. It's an unfortunate situation that women can face at various ages and for various reasons. It can cause a whole host of symptoms and none of them are pretty.

I can tell you firsthand that estrogen dominance is disturbing and painful. I've been suffering with ridiculously swollen and tender breasts (you'd think I just gave birth!) but there are many other effects of excess estrogen. These include: moodiness and irritability, headaches, depression, fatigue, bloating, heart palpitations, weight gain, joint pain, insomnia, fuzzy thinking and memory loss, even gall bladder disease. To name just a smattering.

The good news is: there are natural and safe remedies to combat the annoying and even debilitating symptoms of estrogen dominance. I've already written about some of these remedies. Today I will take you on a tour of all the supplements you can try in order to tame your hormonal fluctuations. Of course, see your doctor if you have any cause for concern about perimenopause. All my recommendations have been taken from Before the Change; Taking Charge of your Perimenopause by Ann Louise Gittleman.

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1) Flax seed oil. Helps to balance excess estrogen, enhances immune system, fights cancer (especially breast cancer), lowers cholesterol levels, reduces risk of osteoporosis, and makes insulin more effective. Do not heat! You can take the oil by the spoonful (1 TB per day) or by the capsule, or grind fresh flax seeds into a powder and sprinkle on a salad or in a smoothie. Store oil in fridge.

2) Black Currant Seed Oil. A potent source of GLA- helps cramping, breast tenderness, anxiety, irritability, headaches and bloating. Also boosts immune system, fights cancer, relieves arthritis, and stops the progression of nerve damage due to diabetes. Not to mention: enhances beauty by producing a dewy complexion, reversing collagen loss, soothing dry skin, combating wrinkles, while preventing dandruff! Take 1000 mg. twice daily.

3) Magnesium citrate. Some symptoms of magnesium deficiency include: nervousness, anxiety, irritability, muscle cramps, depression, insomnia, constipation. Check your supplements before purchasing--magnesium oxide is not easily absorbed. (I've written an entire blog about magnesium if you want more info.)

4) Evening primrose oil. Can help with headaches, irritability, joint pain, mood changes and water retention.

5) Vitex also known as chasteberry. Can help with breast tenderness, cramps, hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and water retention.

Besides taking these supplements, a low-sugar diet and daily exercise can help with most perimenopause symptoms. Be sure to drink plenty of water, decrease alcohol and caffeine consumption, and develop a practice for relieving stress, like yoga or meditation. Take good care of your self!