Muscle Tear and Mother's Day

Well, this is embarrassing. Don't you hate it when you harp on about something like a big know-it-all, then ignore your own advice and get smacked? I can guarantee, it's no fun.

How many blogposts have I written about drinking water? Don't answer that. I could do a search, but I'd only be even more embarrassed by the results.

Here's me: "Drink more water!" "Water is the stuff of life!" "Water is so important for all your bodily functions!" "I'm such a big water lover!" "I drink more water than you and I'm proud of it!"

Yes, I believe I've even bragged about my awesome water-drinking. Only, somewhere along the way I must have forgotten how important and absolutely VITAL it is to drink enough water. I could make up a long list of excuses. It's been unusually cold lately. I'm going through peri-menopause and losing my mind. I think I'm drinking water but I'm actually drinking coffee. Or red wine.

You're probably thinking, so what? So I'll tell you what: while I was teaching my Fit Jam class on Friday, I must have been particularly dehydrated because I tore my calf muscle. I could barely walk out of the classroom. The pain in my calf was excruciating. And this happened while I was simply performing movements I've done a millions times before. I didn't jump off a second story balcony or sprint up a mountain or ninja-kick like a psychotic donkey.

Try this test right now. Press your thumb into the front of your shinbone (front of your calf) HARD and hold for 5 seconds. Remove the pressure and watch the thumbprint you made. Does it fill in immediately? If the mark stays for more than a second, you're dehydrated. Drink a liter of water before you read the rest of this blog.

As I've mentioned MANY times in the past, drinking water is crucial. Water hydrates every cell in your body--including your blood cells, your muscles, your digestive system, your joints, your organs, your heart. Nothing works properly when you're dehydrated. As I learned. The hard way.

Don't follow in my footsteps. Don't be a dummy. Drink your water! You need at least 3 liters per day. 4 or more if you're active, sweating, in the sun, etc.

And have a happy Mother's Day!