Greek Grilled Cheese

Maybe I should call this Mediterranean Grilled Cheese? There are Greek elements, for sure, but not every aspect of this sandwich is actually Greek...

Every aspect is DELICIOUS, though!

I began with some YUMMY new finds from Trader Joe's. Like these gyro slices. This is a processed meat product made from beef, spices, lamb, and a touch of Mediterranean magic.

You can find tzatziki sauce in the refrigerated section, right next to these gyro slices, but I opted instead for the Feta Cheese Spread--a blend of feta and cream cheese with veggies and herbs added.

In fact, I believe I found almost every single ingredient in this sandwich at Trader Joe's...

Here's how I made it!

2 slices sprouted wheat bread (Yup, from Trader Joe's!)
3 gyro slices
1-2 slices provolone (thinly sliced)
1 TB. fresh pesto (not really Greek, but SO yummy!)
1 large handful fresh baby spinach leaves
1-2 TB feta cheese spread (or tzatziki sauce)
1 TB grassfed butter

Heat skillet over low flame. Add butter and melt. Fry gyro slices on both sides until beginning to brown--just a couple of minutes. Remove from pan and set aside. Place bread in pan. Lay provolone on one slice. Add pesto on top of provolone. Layer spinach leaves on top of pesto. (I like a heaping pile.) Place warm gyro slices on top of spinach. Dollop feta spread on opposite slice of bread. Close up sandwich and remove from pan. Eat immediately or sooner!

P.S. You can substitute sliced turkey breast for the gyro meat. Also very good!