Elk Run Winery Festival

The email said, "Emergency Help Needed." What kind of emergency could a winery have?

Well, this emergency was probably due to the extreme heat we've been experiencing here in Maryland this past week. Most of the volunteers for the Classic Cars and Classic Rock Festival up and quit, refusing to show for their shifts on Saturday. The forecast was temperatures in the high 90s. I thought: why not? So I offered my help.

My husband was kind enough to join me. We prepared by filling numerous water bottles and wearing minimal clothing. With the proceeds were going to a local therapeutic riding program, this was a cause I was happy to support.

When we arrived, the Patty Reese Band was playing--belting out classics by Janis Joplin and doing them justice. The classic car selection was small--only 5 total, with 3 being Corvettes--but each was a work of art. Unfortunately, the owners were nowhere to be seen. It would have been wonderful to learn more about the cars and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Booths were set up around the field selling handmade jewelry, wine bottle crafts, photography, and food. Unfortunately, Atlantic Smokers shut down before my shift was over so I wasn't able to sample any smoked chicken wings or burgers.

What I was able to sample was the wine! I was invited to try any of the wines on offer before beginning to pour the free tasting samples. As a newbie, I was glad to be partnered with a seasoned volunteer. Jennifer showed me the ropes, and when she disappeared halfway through our shift, I was confident enough to make my way through the tastings without her.

There were 8 different wines offered on the tasting menu: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Red Door, Cabernet Franc, Reisling, Annapolis Sunset, Sangria, Sweet Katherine, plus a gorgeous Ice Wine for $1 per tasting. Elk Run's wines are top quality; many win national and worldwide awards. In addition to samples, wines were offered for purchase by the glass or by the bottle. Picnic tables with umbrellas were available for those who wished to sit and sip.

By the end of my shift, I had consumed two bottles of water and most of that had been excreted through my pores. But pouring wine and chatting with festival-goers, despite the heat, was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves wine and helping people!

Elk Run Winery is continuing the Classic Cars and Classic Rock Festival today, Sunday, August 14 from 12-6pm. If you're not afraid of a little warmth, head out to Mt. Airy and check it out!