Everything Old is New Again

Having recently discovered HGTV--way behind everyone else on Planet Earth--I am now falling in love with mid-century modern. I find this trend totally hilarious because it is exactly what I grew up despising. Like hip-huggers and bell-bottoms and halter tops and love beads. Fashion repeats itself.

While we were walking our dog, my hubby and I were discussing how people always want stuff to be NEW. Everyone loves a NEW kitchen or a NEW bathroom or a NEW dress or a NEW spouse. Seriously. How about a new puppy? Oh, yes, please!

But constantly updating your home, your wardrobe, your animal collection, or your relationships can be costly in many senses of the word. Sometimes it is a good idea to be happy with your old jeans, your old sink, your old dog, and your old wife.

But how? How can your old, boring routine become new again?

Tweak it. Make some small changes that make it FEEL new. Step out of your daily routine and look at things from a different angle. Shake things up.

But how, exactly? Okay, here are some possibilities:

1) Get up an hour earlier than usual. Go outside and experience the morning that you never see because you're always asleep. Listen to the birds singing. Go for an early morning walk on the beach or through the woods. Or just sit in your garden or on your porch with a cup of coffee. Drink in the dawning of the new day.

2) Drive a different route to work. Or ride your bike. Or take the bus or the subway if you always drive. Pay attention to your surroundings. Discover the city or town you live in as if you were a tourist.

3) Rearrange your furniture. Give away anything you don't really love. Consider painting or staining pieces to make them appear new. Cushions can be recovered with new upholstery fabric. Your home will feel like a brand new with some minor changes.

4) Go for a different walk or hike with your dog. Or your spouse. Or your friend. Discover a new trail. Or walk your usual route at a different time of day and notice all the differences. Dawn and dusk are great times for spotting wildlife.

 5) Explore a new cuisine. Go out for a Moroccan meal or grab a snack from Guatemala. If you can't find a restaurant that looks good, make it at home. Peruse the international aisle at your grocery store and pick up a few products you've never tried before.

These are just a quick handful of ideas to spice up your weekend. I'm sure you can come up with loads more ways to inject some new energy into your daily routine. Share your plans below!