Mango Lassi Plus

Who doesn't love a mango lassi? Nobody doesn't!

In case you are a bit lost, a mango lassi is an Indian beverage made from fresh mango and yogurt. Often this drink is very sweet. I never order one at an Indian restaurant because it is SO filling, it would mean I couldn't eat my meal. Instead, I like to make my own at home.

A lassi is basically the same as a shake or a smoothie. It can serve as a quick meal replacement when you are running late for work, or a light breakfast or snack before an intense workout. Because all the ingredients are blended thoroughly, shakes and smoothies are digested quickly. This is a plus if you are headed to yoga or Pilates and don't want a big meal sitting in your stomach. (Believe me, you do not want to eat a bowl of chili right before Pilates. I speak from experience.)

A mango lassi plus (the plus means extra ingredients that are normally not included!) is a great treat before or after a workout, as a breakfast substitute, or even for dessert. My version has loads of flavor, absolutely no added sugar, and you can whip it up in a flash. The secret is the mango fruit cup.

One day, when strolling down the aisles at Costco, I found Dole Organic Mango fruit cups. The mango pieces are contained in fruit juice, not syrup. Although fresh, ripe mango is always the best choice, the Dole fruit cups are a very close second.

The other ingredients are easily purchased at any grocery store. V-8 now makes all kinds of interesting veggie and fruit blends. The carrot mango juice contains no added sugar. You can feel extra healthy knowing your smoothie has some veggies in it, too! I prefer to use organic whole milk yogurt, but you could substitute Greek yogurt for more protein. If you stash a few ripe bananas in the freezer, you'll always be prepared for making shakes. Frozen bananas add great texture and body, as well as natural sweetness. The subtle banana flavor blends well with almost any other fruit combination.


1 (or one half) frozen banana
1 mango fruit cup (or half cup chopped mango)
4 oz. mango carrot juice
4 oz. whole milk yogurt

Place all ingredients in blend cup. Blend until completely smooth. Enjoy!