Day One: The Body

It's Day One of our 30 day Transitional Cleansing. Who is psyched?

Today, I want to focus on cleansing the physical body.

This is just a starting point for our 30 days. By cleaning up our diets, we will find ourselves with more energy for tackling other projects. As part of our transition into fall, we can clean up all kinds of things: closets, yard work, home repairs, computer files, schedules, relationships, the list is basically endless.

To begin our physical cleansing, we will look first at diet. Are there foods you are eating that weigh you down? Make you feel tired or cranky or sick? Are you eating too much of a particular food group? Or not enough? Do you get at least five different veggies per day? Do you consume enough high quality protein? How about fats?

You might choose to eliminate a few of the most offensive items from your daily diet. I'm cutting out alcohol, refined sugars and carbs, and junk food. (Junk food is anything highly refined, deep fried, or made with cheap oils and crappy ingredients. Also all fast food.) Your cleansing regimen is your own, so you need to choose the foods/drinks you feel are getting in the way of your health. Some people might choose to eliminate all grains, dairy, red meat, fruit, caffeine, take out, or something else. Remember: the goal is to feel better.

Another thing to keep in mind: If you've been eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) filled with refined sugars and flours, processed meat and cheese products, artificial flavorings, colorings, and additives, you could very well go through a kind of withdrawal when you eliminate the junk from your diet. It's possible you might feel WORSE before you feel BETTER. But the withdrawal should only take a couple of days. You might have a headache, feel cranky, or want to kill all the things.

Make sure to drink PLENTY of water. This will help keep your system well hydrated as you flush out those nasty chemicals. If you get really grumpy, try some physical exercise! Endorphins provide a wonderful, natural high.

I'll be checking in with you frequently along the way. We can support each other as we clean up for the coming season.