Cleansing for the New Season

As we transition from summer into fall, this is a natural time to make changes. Many new activities begin in the fall--a new school year, new classes, new TV shows--and this can lead us toward other changes we've been wanting to make.

In my household, change is already afoot. We moved one daughter into a dorm, moved our older one back into our home, and added a new akita to the mix. Now that the weather is also shifting, I decided to add one more change to the list: it feels like the right time for a cleansing.

I have written in the past about the need to avoid extreme cleanses, such as the 3-day juice fast. Restricting your diet to only juice, or only fruit, or only one food group is not a safe choice. When I use the term "cleanse" I'm not talking about a crazy crash diet. I'm talking about a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet that eliminates the stuff you know you need to avoid for 30 days.

What stuff is that, you ask? For me, the list includes alcohol, processed sugar, and junk food. The term junk food covers everything made from white flour, refined sugar, refined grains. No baked goods, no chips, no fries, no fast food, no cereal, etc.

It's true that I don't consume a huge amount of alcohol or junk food to begin with. But it's easy to let small amounts of less healthy products creep into my home, and my diet, without being fully aware. This summer, I've been drinking more wine, for example. Yes, it is delicious, chilled with fresh peaches or watermelon. But summer is coming to an end. And so the summer drinking must also end!

My new session of fall classes begins on Monday, Sept. 12 and my transitional cleansing regimen will also start on Monday. Who is with me?

Still on the fence? Need more motivation? What are the benefits to this transitional cleansing?

Challenging your addictions is one HUGE benefit. Can you go for 30 days without drinking? Without sugar? Without fast food? What does it mean if the answer is no?

I know that I like to periodically check my addictions. Sure, I enjoy wine. But do I need to drink daily? No.

Yes, I love chocolate. But do I eat it every single day? Not anymore.

Special treats like cakes and cookies are great on occasion. But if that occasion is daily or hourly, you might want to look more closely at your habits.

Some other side benefits to a 30 day cleansing regimen might be:

*Weight loss! Depending on how much junk food you normally eat, you could lose quite a few pounds.

*Improved skin! Sugar wreaks havoc on the complexion. Eliminating refined sugar can help your skin look and feel better.

*Fewer mood swings! Stabilizing your blood sugar by eliminating refined carbs can help keep your emotions on an even keel.

*Fewer cravings! Eliminating refined carbs while upping high quality protein and fats will make your meals last longer with less hunger.

*Better elimination! Sorry to get graphic, but eating less refined carbs and more whole foods will up your fiber and improve your poops.

So now, who is with me?

I'll be posting updates along the way during this 30-day Transitional Cleansing. Post your own questions or comments below! We can support each other as we clean up for fall.