Day 7 of Transitional Cleansing

What can I say? I'm sticking with the program. Am I loving every moment of this cleansing? Um, no. No, I am not.

I had a headache for several days in a row. Ibuprofen took the edge off, but I still had that ghostly pain behind my eyes for at least 48 hours. But when you are detoxing, this is what you get. Symptoms emerge. This doesn't mean something is wrong, or bad, or broken. It just means you are going through the process. When you come out the other side, you will be stronger. Healthier. More energetic. Sexier. (Hey, a girl can wish!)

Oh, and did I mention the cravings? I could have KILLED for a hunk of dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganache frosting and chocolate shavings on top. To be honest, that still sounds pretty darn good, but I'm hungry at this moment. After I eat, I'm sure the lure of highly processed, refined, sugary baked goods will diminish...

I have started sleeping better, and waking up with more energy. I feel more alert, less foggy and tired. Overall, my mood seems to be improving. Little things are bugging me less. I also have fewer aches and pains. My joints feel better.

So, do I plan to continue with this cleansing? Can I complete 30 days without alcohol and junk food?

Yes. I can do this.

Could I do it if my husband wasn't supporting me? Could I do it without whining and complaining to him nonstop?

Um, probably not.

So there you have it. My 7-day check-in. If anyone out there has joined me, please know that I appreciate your struggle. Let me know if you need some one-on-one support or a mutual gripe session.