Go Greener

Everyone wants to go green, right? And even if you think you are already pretty green, I bet you can go greener.

I thought I was green. I've been composting all my biodegradable waste for 30 years. I obsessively turn out lights when I leave a room. In the summer, our A/C is set to come on at 80F during the day. In the winter, we turn the thermostat down to 65F. I recycle everything from cardboard and newspaper to plastic and glass. Nothing goes in the trashcan at our house. Nothing! If anyone throws anything in the trash, I immediately rush over, pull it out, rinse it off, and recycle it. Or build something out of it.

In addition, I am the queen of greens. I eat fresh, organic baby spinach and arugula daily. Not to mention: kale! I grow every variety of kale known to man in my garden. (Unfortunately the grasshoppers are devouring it as I type this...) When I say I am green, I'm not referring to my thumbs, however, which are both definitely brown.

If you'd like to go greener, the answer is simple. Just take a trip to your local Trader Joe's. When you shop there, it becomes easy to go greener. Here are some of the products I've been using lately to up my green factor:

1) Bagged, pre-washed greens. This is a no-brainer. Grab yourself a few bags of fresh organic baby spinach or power greens. You can throw them into a salad, a smoothie, a bowl of bone broth, you name it. Quick and easy.

2) Guacamole. I prefer the individual sized packages (I know! Too much waste!) because this prevents any guac from turning brown when exposed to air. Guacamole is not only green, but chock full of healthy fats.

3) Green tahini dip. New this fall to Trader Joe's, I use this spread on my sandwiches to add another layer of green. The dip could be served with chips or veggies, too. It's full of fresh green herbs, including dill, parsley and cilantro. Tahini offers a delicious base with more good fats.

4) Frozen green veggies. Again, the convenience factor cannot be overemphasized here. I love the Brussels sprouts the best, but you can find fantastic frozen green beans and broccoli at Trader Joe's, too.

5) Kale chips. When you need something crunchy, but it has to be green. Trader Joe's kale chips are so yummy, you won't remember you're eating something healthy.

These are just a handful of the green things I've been enjoying lately. Share your favorite green products and tips below, if you feel so motivated!