Hot Date!

My husband and I went out last night. Yup, we had a hot date. Literally.

We have talked about taking tango lessons together for ages, but we just can't find a class that is close by and fits into our schedule. I was scrolling through the Parks and Rec website, and I came across a Qi Gong class. The location is convenient, the day and time fits our schedule, and I've always wanted to try it. So I signed us up.

Last night was our first class. We arrived at the TINY studio a few minutes early. I brought an extra long-sleeved shirt in case the air conditioning was blasting, like it is in all the studios where I teach. Let me tell you, that was NOT the case here.

There were only five of us, plus the instructor, in the cramped space. Thank God for small mercies. Although it was not outrageously hot outside, the temperature inside this room was soaring. Qi Gong is not aerobic; it is slow and meditative and very similar to Tai Chi. Despite the gentle pace, we were all sweating like hogs within about two minutes. About halfway through the hour, one woman started to pass out and had to sit on the floor. We got her some water and she bravely continued, albeit mostly seated on a blanket.

Even with the oppressive heat, the lack of ventilation, and the small space, I found myself enjoying Qi Gong. The movements are flowing, matched with the breath, which is exactly how I teach yoga. I feel that the two practices could easily be combined. By the end of class, I was calm and relaxed, although almost as sweaty as my husband.

If you're looking for an activity you can do with either a girl or boyfriend, spouse or friend, qi gong might be the ticket. Although my husband was the only man in this class, there is nothing particularly feminine about the practice. In fact, the movements are similar to Tai Chi, which derives originally from the martial arts.

Like yoga, qi gong has been the focus of recent studies proving its medical benefits. For example, this practice has been proven to lower blood pressure. In addition to making it a great date night option for couples, it's also great for your health!

I'm hoping when we return to class next week, the instructor will have sorted out the air conditioning and ventilation issues. I love a hot date, but not quite that hot!