Indoor Bootcamp Class

You might already know I run a private bootcamp at Alpha Ridge Park in the summers and during my breaks from my Howard County Rec and Parks classes. Now I'm looking to start up a bootcamp class at Roger Carter Community Center on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:15am. This new class will run through Rec and Parks, starting on October 18 for an 8-week session. To make it happen, I just need students!

I'm calling my new class FUN AND FRIENDLY BOOTCAMP! The title is designed to draw in folks who might not normally be attracted to a "bootcamp" workout. In my style of bootcamp, there is no drill sergeant shouting in your face. The only word I ever shout is "YES!" when I see someone doing a great job or learning something new. My bootcamp is designed to make you feel GOOD about yourself, no matter where you start. Everyone can do this!

Bootcamp is an AWESOME way to get in shape. If you feel intimidated about body weight exercises like pushups, planks, and burpees, this bootcamp will teach you how to modify until you gain more strength. Everyone can get stronger, no matter what your age or situation.

My 45-minute bootcamp class will begin with a thorough warmup for all your joints. Then we will progress to various aerobic exercises, skill drills for agility, strength training, a full body stretch, and abdominal exercises for a flat tummy. Each class will work the entire body.

If you live in Howard County, Maryland and would like more information about this FUN AND FRIENDLY BOOTCAMP, please leave a comment below! I am also available for one-on-one personal training if you'd like to explore that option.