A Slice of Death: A Coven Cafe Mystery

I recently posted my first complete novel, A Slice of Death, on a website called Inkitt. One hundred copies of my novel will be given away for FREE as part of their ongoing contest. There are still a few copies left, but don't wait too long! You can find your free copy here:


I only ask that if you accept a free copy, please post a review! You will find a blue button at the top of each chapter where you can click to leave feedback. Your feedback can help me win a publishing contract!

A Slice of Death is the first in a series of murder mysteries which take place in Nyack, a small town on the Hudson River, about 20 miles north of New York City. But this isn't the Nyack of today; these tales will take you back in time to the late 80s. Those of us who grew up in Nyack will remember the stores, restaurants, parks, and places from the past. The Coven Cafe--the hub of much of the action-- no longer exists in reality, but is alive and kicking in my imagination!

Of course, this is a novel. This means everything and everyone in my story is fictional. Although people might recognize places, none of the names reflect actual human beings, only figments of my imagination.

If you enjoy murder mysteries with a touch of romance, my Coven Cafe series might be right up your alley! Check out A Slice of Death and let me know what you think.

P.S. As of NOW, June 3, there are only 25 copies left. Help yourself, but PLEASE leave a review! I need your feedback in order to receive a publishing contract. Thanks in advance!