Drink Less Calories

It has always perplexed me when people tell me they don't like to drink water. Believe me, it would take about two minutes of walking in the desert before these same folks would KILL for a sip of plain old water. There is no way they'd be saying, "No thanks, I hate water. I'd rather just die out here."

You might not live in the desert, but your body still needs water. Yes, you can get water from eating fruits and veggies, from soup, from juices, from coffee and tea, even from soda. But most of these sources contain calories, sugars, chemicals, preservatives, and other stuff your body doesn't need.

Water is what your body really needs!

And water costs close to nothing. Exchange one bottle of water for one soda (or juice or sweet tea) on a daily basis and you will save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Plus you will lose weight!

If you still hate water, here are a few ideas for getting more water into your body with less calories and less pain.

1) Try teas. There are a bazillion different kids of teas out there. You can make tea at home, from scratch, or you can purchase unsweetened tea already brewed for you. There are many different flavors of herbal teas, from fruity to spicy to grassy and minty. You can find black teas with flavors added. I happen to love green tea, especially the kind scented with jasmine flowers. Hot tea is great in the winter, and iced tea cools you down in the summer. If you always drink your tea with sugar, you can wean yourself off this habit slowly. Unsweetened tea is about as close to water as you can get, and still have some flavor!

2) Use more ice. You can try this trick with any cold beverage. Fill your cup with ice before adding your drink. Sip slowly, allowing the ice to melt as you drink. If you consume the entire thing, along with all the melted ice, you will be giving your body a good dose of water along with your flavored beverage.

3) Infuse your water! Try slices of lemon, lime, orange, apple, strawberries, or just about any other fruit you like. (Banana might be weird, though...) Cucumbers work great as well! And fresh herbs are another way to infuse your water. Mint, basil, fennel, sage, and parsley will all add flavor without adding calories. 

4) Make bone broth. Great in the winter as another warm beverage to sip, bone broth is chock-full of minerals as well as protein. If you are experimenting with fasting, bone broth is a fantastic way to get through a longer fast. The calories are super low, but the mineral content is good for helping to keep your body hydrated. Low carb dieters (like those on Atkins or ketogenic plans) can benefit from adding bone broth for this reason.

5) Invest in a Soda Stream machine. This machine makes normal tap water into seltzer. If you simply MUST have bubbles in your water, you can make your own seltzer or soda at home. I'm not sure if this is a money-saver, but it might be another way to trick yourself into drinking more water!

Keep in mind that most of us need at least 3-4 quarts of water daily. If you're exercising, sweating profusely, living in the desert, or if you are just HOT STUFF, you might need even more. I hope these tips and tricks assist you in hydrating!