How to Take a Selfie

Selfies are difficult. But don't let that stop you from taking a lot of them. Young people do it all day long and you can, too. I'm here to offer you a few tips for getting those selfies just right!

When you want to take a selfie, you have 2 options. You can reverse the camera on your cell phone so it points back at you, or you can go in the bathroom and take your selfie in front of the mirror. Yes, you can use any mirror. I only mention the bathroom option as this is a place where you are most likely to find a mirror.

If your arms aren't long enough to take a good selfie, you can purchase a selfie stick. You attach your cellphone to the selfie stick and then hold your phone up in the air.

When taking selfies in the bathroom, remember to turn on the lights. Here is my first selfie. You can see that I forgot to turn on the lights. Therefore it is very difficult to see me in the mirror. Mostly you see the FLASH from the camera.

The other issue with taking selfies in the bathroom is where to hold the cellphone. If you hold it up too high, you will probably block your entire face. This may defeat the purpose of taking a selfie, unless you are more concerned with photographing your outfit.

When taking a selfie, the angle of the shot is crucial. You do NOT want to take a selfie looking down into the camera. This creates the hideous and most despicable double chin effect. Please avoid this at all costs. Lift the cellphone up to decrease the double chin.

It is possible to zoom in when taking a selfie. If you want to make sure everyone gets a good look at your pores, I suggest zooming in as close as possible.

All of the above selfies were taken in the bathroom mirror using my MotoG cellphone. For more tips and tricks, you should probably ask someone else as this was my first ever attempt at selfies!