Make Your Resolution Stick

Do you make the same exact resolutions year after year? Lose 10 pounds, get fit, eat better, start exercising, give up carbs, stop complaining...

I've been saving my list of resolutions from as far back as the 1990s. "Lose 10 pounds" appears more times than I'd like to admit. And as I type this, I still weigh about the same as every time I wrote those words. But a few things have changed.

If you find yourself stuck, you might try turning your resolutions upside down. Or sideways. Or inside out. What does this mean?

Take the example of losing weight. Most of us feel that we can lose a few pounds. But this resolution is somewhat vague.

Maybe you want to be able to fit into your old jeans. Maybe you want to feel confident strolling down the beach in your bikini. Maybe you want to be stronger, more flexible, or sport a 6 pack of rocking abs. Maybe you want to feel sexier. Will losing a few pounds accomplish these specific things? Maybe. Maybe not.

I suggest you break your resolution down. Examine the parts. Get super specific. What is one tiny goal you can definitely accomplish that will take you toward your bigger resolution?

For me, I've decided that losing weight isn't really my goal. I believe it's more important to get stronger, to be able to accomplish more physically, rather than get skinnier. I certainly don't want to gain fat, but I am happy to gain muscle. And muscle weighs a lot more than fat. So I might not end up weighing less, but this is fine with me as long as I look good and feel strong.

Instead of resolving to lose weight, I resolve to learn new skills. There are a whole range of different kinds of one-legged squats I want to learn to do this year. This goal will lead me toward gaining strength, building more muscle, acquiring greater flexibility and coordination, and feeling awesome!

Consider what new skills you might like to learn this year. Trying new recipes and learning to cook healthy meals from scratch could lead you toward a goal of weight loss and better health. Learning Pilates matwork could help you reach the goal of a flatter stomach, tighter abs, a stronger core, and better posture. Learning Latin dance steps could help you burn fat, have more fun, and feel sexier. Joining a bootcamp class could lead you to gaining strength, building confidence, and kicking butt!

Instead of jotting down those same old, boring resolutions that no one ever keeps, try something new this year. Consider the steps you really want to take. Challenge yourself, but make those goals doable. Make 2018 the year you actually reach your dreams!