Corned Beef King (The Food Truck)

My hubby and I wanted a splurge. We've been working around the house and yard for several weeks, cutting down trees, hauling wood, planting veggies, and throwing stuff away that has been sitting around for years. We deserved a day out!

So I suggested we hit Corned Beef King. We are both big fans of the traditional Jewish deli fare--corned beef and pastrami, Reubens, cole slaw and potato salad. Corned Beef King has all this and more.

But driving at least 45 minutes to visit a food truck in a gas station parking lot seemed like a bit much. In order to make it more of an outing, I thought we could take in the azalea garden at Brighton Dam. Unfortunately, this is currently CLOSED as renovations are being done to update the dam. Plan B: Brookside Gardens. Also filled with blooming azaleas, we had a lovely--if brisk--walk through a mostly wooded and shady area. By the time we finished, it was already noon and we were famished.

We found Corned Beef King in the parking lot of the Exxon station, on Route 97 (Georgia Ave.) just south of Route 108 in Olney. Traffic is a bear around there, so bring your biggest supply of patience! If you blink, you will drive right past and miss it. Keep your eyes peeled!

The menu is pretty simple and straight forward. There are about 6 kinds of sandwiches, plus a few sides, and drinks. The draw for me was the authentic deli-style sandwiches. I grew up just outside of NYC and I was raised on Jewish deli meats. Tongue? Yes, please! (No, Corned Beef King doesn't carry it.)

I ordered a corned beef on rye with mustard ($14). Cole slaw on the side ($3). My hubby got a Reuben ($14) and potato salad ($3). Our total (no drinks) came to $35 and change. Not cheap for a food truck in a gas station parking lot with literally one folding table in the full sun on a 90 degree day. Needless to say, we brought our sandwiches home to eat them.

How were they? Good. The corned beef is thinly sliced, piled fairly high, and has a good balance of lean to fat. The rye bread is thick and soft. The pickles are full sour Kosher dills with a nice amount of crunch. My hubby loved the Reuben, which is probably the one I would have ordered if I hadn't been saving half for my daughter, who will enjoy it tonight for dinner. I thought the Reuben might not be as delicious after 8 hours in the fridge.

The cole slaw is also good, crunchy and very fresh, not too sweet, but could use a bit more salt. The potato salad is excellent, with hard-boiled eggs and fresh dill.

If we happen to be passing by there again, I'll certainly go back and try the Reuben. However, I probably won't be making another special trip just for a sandwich.