Yoga Fusion

This fall, I'm offering a brand new 45-minute class on Mondays at 4:45pm starting on September 17, 2018. Yoga Fusion combines qi gong, yoga, foam rolling, and deep relaxation for a transformative body/mind experience. This class will be held at Gary Arthur Community Center in Glenwood, MD.

Most people are at least slightly familiar with yoga, but you might not know anything about qi gong. Qi gong is an ancient Chinese practice which involves simple, slow, gentle movement patterns designed to help move energy through the body. This is a calming, meditative practice where the breath is aligned with the movement. It is easy on the joints, safe for everyone, and can be practiced at any age. We will use qi gong as a warm-up in this class.

Foam rolling offers the muscles and fascia an effective massage for releasing tension, increasing blood flow, and speeding the healing process. It is wonderful for active people who are looking to avoid injury. We will use foam rolling on one specific area of the body per class. Foam rollers are provided.

After we massage a specific area, we will then practice yoga postures and stretches to lengthen the muscles we have just released. Each yoga posture will be selected to give the maximum benefit to the muscles involved. Only gentle, safe poses will be chosen. For students with injuries, alternatives can always be found.

Each class will end with deep relaxation. Students will leave class feeling rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

This class offers the perfect warm-up for Fit Jam Cardio Party, which follows on Mondays at 5:45pm.

Questions? Are you wondering if this class is right for you? Leave me a message and we can chat about it!

UPDATE: This class has been CANCELED for the fall. It will be offered again in the WINTER 2019.