Four Fixes for Phenomenal Health: PART ONE

Today's blog is for those who are feeling a bit less than phenomenal. Maybe you're feeling a little sluggish, tired, under the weather. Do you wish you had more energy? Less body fat? Less muscle soreness? Fewer nagging aches and pains? Better skin? Better mood?

These four easy fixes will improve your overall health, your mood, your body composition, your energy, your complexion, and your stress levels. BUT if you are too overwhelmed, too busy to do anything new, and completely crazy with your to-do list, then just add ONE of these four fixes to your daily routine this week. Next week--or next month!-- add the next fix. Only take on what you feel ready to handle.

Today's fix is so easy, it is ridiculous that we don't all do this already. 

FIX #1: Complete hydration. This fix is so simple, so effective, and practically free. Just drink enough water. This fix is nothing new. You've heard it before. But have you made the effort to drink at least 3-4 quarts (or liters!) of plain water each day? If not, start today! Figure out a system to help you remember to drink water. Choose 4 times each day when you can drink a quart of water. A great start to your day is to drink one quart immediately upon rising. Maybe drink a second quart right before lunch. This will help fill your belly and reduce hunger. Drink another quart at the end of your workday, before you head home. And drink your final quart right before dinner. If you wait any later, you'll be up all night peeing! Try to get your four quarts in before your final meal of the day. Complete hydration will make a difference to every system in your body, including your brain, your heart, your muscles, your joints, your energy, your skin. Literally every part of you will benefit!

Tomorrow, I will discuss FIX #2. For now, get yourself a big glass of water and start drinking!